Anything Is Possible
Making your story visible


1) What am I buying?
2) Why can’t I figure out how to do this myself
and save my money?


You’re buying my imagination
working with your photographs

Q: What exactly do you do? I see the photos and I see the finished product that you call Images, but I’m still not entirely sure how that happens.
A: This is a question that could require a very long answer, so I’m going to give you the short version. I take your photographs and I open a blank, white document in a word processor. Then I try to get a feel for your pictures and, at some point, I just start dragging them onto the page, along with frame material, colors, anything that seems to fit. It can be a long process or a remarkably short one. I have a pretty easy time getting a sense of what those photos need and I just keep plugging away at it until all of a sudden I know I’ve got it right. Then I give you a look to see if you agree. Then back to work.

Q: Some of my photographs are old and mean a lot to me. What guarantee can you give that they won’t get lost or damaged?
A: Good question with an easy answer. You won’t be sending me your photographs. You will scan them at a high resolution for the best quality and send them to me in an email.

Q: How many photographs should I send?
A: A maximum of six. No more than three per email.

Q: How many photographs can you include in one of your images?
A. There’s no rule about that because it depends on the style of image I’m creating. If you look on the Gallery page, you’ll see a couple that are just collections of photos–there’s one of a cat that comes to mind. But, in general, I’d rather not try more than four on an image.

Q: Am I supposed to tell you exactly what I want you to make?
A. No such thing. What you should do is choose your photographs carefully, with a general goal in mind. Let’s say you want a single photo of your daughter at her wedding designed in a way that’s unusual or maybe in certain colors. To that extent, I expect you to have some idea of what you want. But the other thing you should do is look closely at every image on this website so you have an idea of the sort of designs you like.

Q: Once you have my photographs and my payment, how long should it be before I get my copies?
A. I’ve said two weeks on the Orders page, but I doubt it will take that long unless I have a lot or orders all waiting at the same time. Somewhere between a week and two. And you have to allow for the carrier’s time, too.

Q. I saw that you have PayPal set up. Can I still pay with my credit card? I don’t use PayPal
A. Yes. Paypal always has the option to pay with your personal credit or debit card.

Q: Will you show me any drafts before it is final, or will you just go ahead and send it?
A: I will show you drafts all along the way. It’s possible that, as I work with your particular photographs, I’ll make a couple of designs before I get one I like. I will be in touch often by email and am even willing to get on the phone if we need the kind of detailed discussion necessary for you to make a decision. I have one goal: for you to be happy with what I create.

Q: I know you say on the website that none of the images are for sale, but what if I really fell in love with one? Would you ever be willing to negotiate or make an exception?
A. No, I can’t see that ever being a possibility. Those images are personal, either to me or to someone else. The good news is that yours will never be for sale either.